Ultra Violet – The Last Supper

OUTPOST NYC DCG produced a signed DVD edition of Ultra Violet’s 1972  performance and film “The Last Supper.”  

“The Last Supper”  a re-enactment of the Last Supper—was conceived for the Kitchen by Ultra Violet in 1972 and performed by New York-based female artists. It was shown at  Miami Beach Cinematheque screening for Art Basel in 2007 and is included in the collection of Centre Pompidou, Paris. 

Cast of characters:

Christ – Ultra Violet. The Apostles – Darsea Divine, Doris Abraham, Debra Freeman, Judy Van Hook, Jean Mouteray, Lucille Chasin, Clarise Rivers, Janise Moory, Betsy Starchild, Jason Gold, Kathy Elbaum, Petunia Swayse.

Ultra Violet’s short related autobiography:

1935 – I was born a mystical child.

1940 – I was raised in France at the Sacred Heart Catholic convent where I became rebellious. 

1950   – I was exorcised at age 15.

1951   – I was sent to a correction home at the age of 16.

1968   – I burned my bra as a sign of rebellion.

1972   – I questioned the masculinity imbued in religion and scriptures. 

1998   – I had absorbed and accepted the gender differences.

2005 until Death in 2014 – I believe Jesus Christ to be the Messiah and the Savior of the world.

*Isabelle Collin Dufresne, known as Ultra Violet, was a French-American artist, author and both a colleague of Andy Warhol and one of his “Warhol Factory Superstars”  Earlier in her career, she worked for and studied with Salvador Dali.  Ultra Violet had a studio in Nice, France and mainly lived and worked in New York City. 

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