Productions – Jonas Mekas

In 2013, Deborah Colton Gallery (DCG) and OUTPOST NYC DCG Co-Produced a limited edition of 49 still-framed photographs with Jonas Mekas. The Founder of Anthology Films in New York, the Film maker, poet, writer, and artist. Jonas Mekas captured moments that we all cherish in art history, in American history, in life…  from film producers, Salvador Dali, Kennedy’s, Warhol, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Elvis Presley, the World Trade Center… to then more personal special moments of nature, his family, being human and celebrating life, cherishing each experience to the fullest. This project was created by Deborah Colton and Jonas Mekas.  The works are available through this website and DCG.  

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A selection of these works were debuted at the 2013 Paris Photo LA, in Los Angeles, California at the DCG Booth.  The full body of works was launched at Deborah Colton Gallery (DCG) in Houston, Texas the fall of 2013, in conjunction with the Houston Cinema Arts Festival.  The exhibition was titled, “Life Goes on… I Keep Singing”.  Since then select works were brought to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon for a solo exhibition, curated by Richard Herskowitz and Deborah Colton, titled “Jonas Mekas –
Frozen Film Frame: Portraits of Filmmakers”  This body of works has been presented by DCG and OUTPOST NYC DCG also in Miami, Dallas and New York.

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Jonas Mekas – Frozen Film Frames

In connection to Dallas Art Fair 2010 Deborah Colton Gallery and OUTPOST NYC DCG produced a limited edition of prints by Jonas Mekas. A selection of classic Frozen Film Frames feature stills from a variety of celebrated films by Jonas Mekas stretching from the 60ties on; moments from his travels, encounters, observations and friendships; they include portraits of personalities like Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Andy Warhol and John Lennon.

Pictured Series Produced by OUTPOST NYC DCG

Jonas Mekas
Frozen Film Frames, 2010
Edition of 9 each
All works approximately 22 x 15 inches

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Ultra Violet – The Last Supper

OUTPOST NYC DCG produced a signed DVD edition of Ultra Violet’s 1972  performance and film “The Last Supper.”  

“The Last Supper”  a re-enactment of the Last Supper—was conceived for the Kitchen by Ultra Violet in 1972 and performed by New York-based female artists. It was shown at  Miami Beach Cinematheque screening for Art Basel in 2007 and is included in the collection of Centre Pompidou, Paris. 

Cast of characters:

Christ – Ultra Violet. The Apostles – Darsea Divine, Doris Abraham, Debra Freeman, Judy Van Hook, Jean Mouteray, Lucille Chasin, Clarise Rivers, Janise Moory, Betsy Starchild, Jason Gold, Kathy Elbaum, Petunia Swayse.

Ultra Violet’s short related autobiography:

1935 – I was born a mystical child.

1940 – I was raised in France at the Sacred Heart Catholic convent where I became rebellious. 

1950   – I was exorcised at age 15.

1951   – I was sent to a correction home at the age of 16.

1968   – I burned my bra as a sign of rebellion.

1972   – I questioned the masculinity imbued in religion and scriptures. 

1998   – I had absorbed and accepted the gender differences.

2005 until Death in 2014 – I believe Jesus Christ to be the Messiah and the Savior of the world.

*Isabelle Collin Dufresne, known as Ultra Violet, was a French-American artist, author and both a colleague of Andy Warhol and one of his “Warhol Factory Superstars”  Earlier in her career, she worked for and studied with Salvador Dali.  Ultra Violet had a studio in Nice, France and mainly lived and worked in New York City. 

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