Daniel Johnston – Duck Wars

Daniel Johnston: Duck Wars

February 24, 2024 to April 27th, 2024

Deborah Colton Gallery

Houston, Texas

Artist and songwriter Daniel Johnston created his own imaginary cartoon universe in drawings, which were complete with dialog bubbles and his own uniquely honest and insightful philosophy. Among his cast of created characters are the ever-present ducks. They are the fun-loving good guys who are on the look-out for adventure and ways to help the world. They are always ready to help humanity by challenging the forces of evil and thus protecting love, peace, and especially hope.

The ducks in Johnston’s earliest drawings had wings and webbed feet. As he created more adventures for the ducks they evolved human-like arms and legs. The ducks found their way into Johnston’s drawings as cowboys, ancient warriors, superheroes and even space travelers. The role that was Johnston’s favorite (by far) was ducks as military personnel, complete with uniforms, weapons, and war vehicles of all types. Johnston’s love of all things related to World War II reflects his admiration for his father, William Johnston, who was a Flying Tiger pilot in the war.

The ” Ducks Wars” exhibit is a celebration of the military adventures of the ducks, but it also rings with uncanny relevance considering current world events. Daniel infuses the drawings with quirky humor, but also with thought provoking insights into the nature of war…. its horror, its origins in greed, and its sad results.

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