Paris Photo LA: Jonas Mekas
Paramount Picture Studio, Los Angeles

April 25 – 28, 2013
VIP Preview: Thursday, April 25, 2013 6 – 9 PM

Paris Photo LA 2013: Deborah Colton
Paris Photo Fair Heads To Los Angeles For The First Time


Deborah Colton Gallery presents Jonas Mekas at Paris Photo’s United States Debut in Los Angeles at Paramount Picture Studios!

Deborah Colton Gallery will present select works and video by Jonas Mekas, titled “I remember it all… as if it were yesterday…” which includes still frame photographs from several bodies of works Mekas created through his films.

Jonas Mekas: the Founder of Anthology Films in New York, the Film maker, poet, writer, artist. Jonas Mekas captured moments that we all cherish in art history, in American history, in life………from film producers, Salvador Dali, Kennedy’s, Warhol, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, the World Trade Center……. to then more personal special moments of nature, his family, being human and celebrating life, cherishing each experience to the fullest. Video feature will be

video 14 min. 2010

“Looking through my finished and unfinished films, I was surprised how many glimpses of the World Trade Center I caught during my life in SoHo. I had a feeling I was Hokusai glimpsing Mount Fuji. Only that it was the World Trade Center. The WTC was an inseparable part of my and my family’s life during my SoHo period from 1975-1995. This installation is my love poem to it. My method in constructing this piece was simply to pull out images of the WTC from my original footage, while including some of the surrounding scenes. The result I felt came close, albeit indirectly, to what in poetry is known as the Haiku.”

WTC Haikus